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I started this blog to help people get to know how to make the law of attraction works more effectively for them. I hope you find the info here useful to you.



Tips on Doing Affirmations


Even though I am pretty good with the law of attraction, I am still constantly looking for new ways to perfect my skills in manifesting beneficially for myself. A while back I saw a youtube video with a famous law of attraction instructor giving out what he said a powerful affirmation. It was indeed very positive. I tried it and it worked, except it worked not in a way i was hoping for. It didn’t fail though cause I kind of ripped some sort of benefits from it too.

The affirmation was “I am so glad and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities from multiple sources on a continuous basis!” I chanted it almost everyday one time each day at night before i go to sleep and after around 2 to 3 weeks, money came.


500000 US dollars. However, the money isn’t exactly mine. Luckily, it is my family’s so I am kind of part of it too. The money was brought out of nowhere to me sitting literally right next to me, 500000 US dollars.

Then, it hit me. Wow! the affirmation actually worked Perfectly. Big money did come to me. It was increasing in amount. However, it was My fault that it didn’t go into my bank account because no where in my affirmation did I say it becomes mine to circulate freely. So, what happened was I got what I asked for. Money came to me only to be taken away. It did come though. Much like an example the youtube video mentioned. A guy asked to be surrounded by money only to be working as a security officer safeguarding tons of money everyday. Therefore, it can’t be stressed enough that one has to be super specific in the details of what one wants. Here are a few tips I have tried and worked in doing my affirmations.

  1. Be SUPER SPECIFIC in your words 
    • When I say specific, I really mean it. If you just say you want money, the universe can give you just 10 cents and its money. If you ask for an increasing amount of money, you can get 20 cents next time. With this speed, its gonna take forever for you to get wealthy.
  2. There is NO NEED to say when you want it 
    • Reason No. 1: Because it usually cause more negative anxiety and nervousness init counting down the time rather than making you feel more positively excited for your success.
    • Reason No. 2: It was never because of the dates you said out loud that guarantee your collection time. It is also not because the universe heard your request and started doing things FOR you and you just need to wait. It IS whether YOU have done the necessary changes and  improvements on your “self” to produce high enough vibrations to bridge with your goals and dreams. Therefore, it is truly YOU who DECIDE when you get your goals successfully handed to you. You and YOU Alone and hence, its unnecessary to say when you want it except to motivate yourself to improve faster to be HIGHER in vibrations.
      • BE MORE FIRST and you will RECEIVE MORE. 
    • Reason 3: “Oh! It is just because the goal is not the best for you and something else better will come.” OK We should be aware that that is a possibility. But usually it is just Reason 2 at work. You for whatever reason did not achieve the high enough vibrations to get to your goal. Another reason in this category is that your soul actually did not want it because it holds information your consciousness might not be aware of. This is especially true when you found out you didn’t get what you thought you wanted but you actually are totally fine or and feel like you can finally relax and breathe again. So Take Responsibility for yourself when your goal did not come true and IMPROVE ON.
  3. Take your time when you say your affirmation
    • Now finally you have got your super specific affirmation written down on a piece of paper in present tense or past tense (for those who do pray rain journal). Read it slowly and feel every content word as you read them. Don’t move to the next content word unless you feel like you got the feeling for the first word right. The reason we do this is because it is the feelings that you send out that create and attract the reality in which you get your goal accomplished and your words are merely the guiding tool that aid you in creating the necessary feelings. As a result you must feel the feeling behind the words if you want your affirmations to do the job right. You should feel like a million bucks after you finished with your affirmation if you did it right because that is how you should feel if your goal comes true. If you don’t, try a few more times till you feel like you can sense the excitement and happiness that matches how you feel if you goal came true. Once you got the feeling right it is easy to do it again.


  4. Say it once and that is enough IF you did point 3 correctly
    • I only said the above affirmation one time each day right before I went to bed. Nevertheless, I made sure I felt the feeling in each word I say and all of them collectively to form the feelings I would feel when my goal comes true. One of the reason why you don’t say it all the time is because it takes a toll on your conscious mind and takes away your precious time from other things. It will inevitably get you frustrated before your goals come true especially for those goals where you need to improve a lot to get to the high enough vibrations.

So there you are the few tips on how I did my affirmations. Try them and let me know if they work for you too!  I will be updating this blog whenever I have something new to share so stay tune! I hope you benefit from this! 🙂

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My Law of Attraction

© My Law of Attraction and, 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to My Law of Attraction and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. None of the content on this website should be used on any other websites or products for profit generating purposes.


I have manifested major events (quickest one in one night), things (my most recent work: Vitamix Ascent Series A3500 Blender :D), and people (you know who you are). Recently, I have an incurable thirst to look into the intricate design of the law of attraction so I watched numerous videos, visited tremendous amount of sites and researched a whole lot on the internet to find out how it works best for me. Now everyone is different so what works for me might not be the easiest way for you. Therefore, you should receive what works for you here and send back the link of this website to whoever you know this would be beneficial for. Spread the words of the quantum science which frees humanity.



The following points are techniques I have tried and proved successful as I have recently just manifested something so dearly to me with the following techniques. Cherish them.


  1. Write down the generals of your goal & the major obstacles of your goals. (Point 1 is discovered from the “” free manifestation course)
    1. This is important because if you set a goal you do not believe would happen due to the obstacles to achieve it, you actually do not believe in its successful accomplishment and hence you cannot manifest it.
  2. Write down any possibilities in which those obstacles might be overcome.
    1. This is done to ease your conscious mind from disbelieving in your goal from the get go. Even though we might not predict exactly how the difficulties will be tackled, the possibility of it being solved is good enough to rest your mind and believe in the chance of success of your goal.
  3. Write down your goal with specific details & say it out loud
    1. This is very important as you must know what you want before you can ask specifically for the universe to help you. Otherwise, the energy will be too dispersed to propel you towards the success of your goal.
    2. When writing your goal, please state the following points and if there are anything specific you want concerning the goal, now is the time to write them down.
      1. What is the goal?
      2. When is it realized?
      3. Why do you want it? What is your motivation towards this goal? (
    3. When saying your goal out loud, please do not just focus on the words but the actual meaning behind it.
  4. Visualize it with holographic visualization
    1. Not only do you visualize it with pictures of images, you should also make it as much like the reality you are in as possible. For example, if you visualize getting a tasty salad for lunch, think about how happy you are when you get it, how does it look in colours, how good does it smell, how crunchy are the vegetables in your mouth, how great do you feel during and after eating it, etc. Make it as much like you are doing it in real time as possible.
    2. Why do I need to visualize it like that ?
      1. Because it is not the images which invoke the law of attraction but the feeling you feel during the visualization. Therefore, any images, sounds smell, taste, sensations, etc, are only there to provoke positive feelings regarding your goal. As a result, you must find the most pleasure ways to stimulate your brain & feeling centre during your visualization sessions  to ensure the success of your goal.
      2. It is more interesting if your goal is in a sentence summarized nicely and your visualization expends on that. This will keep you from being bored.
    (I found this from a Youtube channel “Youarecreators”. It helped me greatly so I must give credit to it.)

    1. Breathing exercises
      1. You can do this before/during your visualization of even before your write down your goal to get yourself centered, calm and high in energy frequency.
      2. Inhale x 4 Hold x 8 Exhale x 8 Hold (Repeat til you feel its the right time to continue your next step in using the law of attraction)
      3. I usually do this before my visualization if I have time or feel agitated at the time.
  6. IMPORTANT TECHNIQUE No. 2 (found from the “luckybitch” free manifestation course)
    A stress-free way to keep your mind off your goal while still being positive about it throughout the day

    1. Plant little positive reminders in your day to maintain your positivity and highness about your goal (examples below)
    2. Use your smart device’s calender function to set up events such as “Congrats on your promotion to ___________.” ,”Congrats on winning ____________.” etc. Set it up a few times throughout the day and when it pops up to you unexpectedly you should feel the positive feeling you feel when your goal comes true.
    1. Get yourself into high enough energy frequency by the use of the breathing technique stated above, meditation or any way you know how. Do this any time you would like but it might take some time as its different from person to person how long it takes.
    2. While getting high, visualize your goal and keep getting higher. If you are doing it the right way you should feel better and lighter.
    3. Try to feel the frequency of your goal and try to match your frequency to the goal’s. Keep getting your frequency high enough to match until you feel a “click” from your energy. This is when you know your current energy level is in sync with your goals and the bridging between the two can happen.
    4. Once the above is achieved, see your goal visualized as a reality you created in a bubble and visualize another bubble which is your current reality. Then, link the goal reality to your current reality bubble and have them merged as one.
    5. At that moment of merging, you should feel something different in a very positive way, for instance your mentality, thoughts or feelings feel positively different as if there is a new reality created and yes there is. It is the new reality you created by merging your current one with the one in which your goal comes true.
    6. Note that you would feel the positive  feeling only if the goal has positive effects on you. If it is a negative goal like if you are trying to hurt someone or  wish death on someone, not only will you not feel good, you will receive very very very bad karma.
  8. IMPORTANT TECHNIQUE No. 4: My Technique 2
    (ONLY for people with future-seeing ability)

    1. For those who can see into future possibilities, albeit involuntary, align your goal’s reality to that positive future you have seen in your mind’s eye by visualizing a physical connection bridging the two and then do Point 7. This is especially effective if your future possibility is in a higher frequency than your current one and your goal’s as it is beneficial for energies to evolve to a higher frequency  and the universe welcomes that shift.

  9. Receiving
    1. Get the goal off your conscious mind and go around your day in a relaxing positive way
    2. Feel good in receiving and feel like the goal has already manifested
    3. Do not worry about it as that releases negative feelings which might delay the successful manifestation of your goal.
  10. Celibacy
    1. One of the most beneficial thing you can do for your energy is to be celibate. It keeps your energy so much higher than if you do not practice celibacy. Those who are in the know know what I am talking about.
  11. Lastly, maintain the mindset of having fun with the law of attraction
    1. This will make the process more fun and more effective
    2. Start out with something small and something you can live without issues since no pressure is good pleasure. 😀

There are many more things you can pay attention to as other websites have mentioned so do your research and use whatever suitable for you. Make sure you send your friends to this site so they can pick up on my secret techniques on successful manifestations with the law of attraction. Remember the following when you feel doubts: “I believe in the law of attraction. The law of attraction is real.” It makes you feel really good because they are the universal truths and universal truths always feel good and high.


© My Law of Attraction and, 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to My Law of Attraction and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. None of the content on this website should be used on any other websites or products for profit generating purposes.